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MyRent is a car rental management software which is developed for assisting car rental business managers to achieve their rental targets. MyRent software has many features to increase the business revenue and make more profit by beating the competitors of the rental business.

Here are 5 major reasons to use MyRent software for a Rental Car industry.

1. Control Over Business

By using MyRent software, it is easy to manage your rental business and keep full control over it. It is customized to meet your fleet management needs. By using the software, you can manage up to 100 locations and 100,000 vehicles. The software has all the features required to manage a car rental company. Fleet analysis, accounting management, financial management, business intelligence, networking, remote support, reservation management, etc. are some amazing features of the software.

2. Web Integration

Web Integration is very important for any business and so for the car rental industry. MyRent provides complete web integration services which help your business to make a strong online presence. A good website development is the way to inform your customers about your offers and deals and a trusted way to connect with them. Online booking integrations in websites guarantee more rental reservations while Web XML integration results in getting extra customers without any effort.

3. Fleet Management

MyRent software has a fleet management module which ensures the monitoring and full control over your fleet activities.

OverBooking Management- The software avoids overbooking and helps in managing future car arrivals.

Find out more about overbooking management

MyGuardian Integration- You can integrate MyGuardian GPS Tracking device for your rental vehicle’s tracking and monitoring. By doing this you can keep your vehicle safe and secure.

Repair and Maintenance Module- Every car rental industry must deal with different kind of damages. The software has a feature for reporting physical damages. It is basically a web platform which allows to request for repairing and maintenance, creating orders and checking the status of the maintenance.

4. Fast Operations

Car rental operations are very critical and involves activities like reservations, contracts, invoice generation, documentation, cash management, etc. MyRent software manages all these activities which make your daily operations faster. Software controls all the data about the rental car and provide a full fleet report.

5. Support

Good Customer assistance is the key to any successful business. With MyRent management software integration, you will get the complete customer support to deal with any critical situations.

MyRent car rental management software is a complete system for managing the car rental business with some amazing features and modules. For more details about the software, contact us or visit our website.

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