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Our Dogma

Dogma products are a landmark for Italian and foreign companies, in fact we consider the world as a unique big market, undertaking the development of solutions which are useful for people and companies, everywhere in the world. The sector in which we are dealing is steadily growing up and continuously evolving, we know that a
part of this growth and evolution depends on our daily work.

In Dogma you can see and feel the passion everyday and in everything we do. Every moment is right to speak about a brand new technology, new developments or software ideas, and often the best projects come up in front of coffee machine.

Passion makes our job enjoyable.

We have fun studying and analyzing how our potential customers work, and we organize business games & simulations in order to catch point that work and those that do not work. We start here to make their life and business easier. We do things seriously without taking us too much seriously.

We feel completely involved in the team, thanks to the incessant information sharing.

Dogma Systems is the sum of our skills and reflects the values of each of us. We feel we are taking part of customer success, we are proud to see a company business growing up, thanks to services we provide. For this, the daily challenge passes through a strong responsibility of each collaborator.

Everybody has a huge freedom to express his ideas and opinions. Because we know that in our sector we cannot stay up-to-date, but be ahead of time and everybody must contribute to make history. The harmony of the team-work is seen from the awareness and the desire to take part in something special. I set up my company and I intend to make it grow according to those principles and values.

This is the philosophy of Dogma Systems: not a supplier of high-tech instrument, but a partner always ready to listen and offer real and concrete solutions. Paying attention to even the smallest detail, because I firmly believe that excellence is in the attention to every single aspect.

Dogma is always by your side: nice to meet you!


Our Mission

In the last 100 years, thanks to technology and innovation, society has grown up and evolved more than it have done in the last millennium.



Technology and innovation have improved the knowledge sharing, shortened distance between continents and contributed to the improvement of the human condition.

In the future they will have an even more crucial role in the continuation of this growth and sustainable development.



In a community where information will be accessible everywhere, communication between people Will be immediate & relationships
will be stronger, R&D, technology, innovation and production of specific products will help people in achieving their target and realize their dreams

This is our mission: Help people and companies to release their Strength, pursue their Aspirations and realize their Goals.