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Discover How MyRent Can Help You in Your Daily Resources Management

MyRent is integrated with an advanced module to manage the accounting even better. You can create the cash book, either for sale or purchase, generating accounting schedule for customers and make the analysis of cost center for vehicles.

You already have your own chart of accounts, which you can modify according to your needs and can create the accounting notes and cashbook. This way will reduce the work of your accountant and you can quickly keep control over all your accounts.

Cashbook records

Recording every transaction and keeping the data for every cash movement is very important for the car rental business. MyRent provides you the facility of cashbook records so you can record all movements of payment and can create the final balance of the company.

MyRent automatically creates the cashbook at the time of invoice generation and makes it very easy for you to identify the situation of the payment in Account’s balance.

Integrated with accounting systems

Our MyRent software is integrated with the accounting system and you can easily execute the accounting operations, management of cashbook records, account list, VAT codes, management of balance, cash, customer registries etc.

Also, if you need it, our IT development team can achieve integration between our MyRent and your accounting software.

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