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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence tool is integrated into MyRent system and offers you the possibility to analyze data and statistics, such as the percentage of use for any vehicle, single or multiple locations turnover (e.g. divided by time + km, optional, damages, etc.).

You may also check the number of bookings or rental agreements, as well as days sold. You can filter this information by locations, categories and reservation sources.
MyRent allows you to visualize the info or extract them in an Excel file, to be processed.

Statistics from MyRent

Using business intelligence tool, you can get all the reports and statistics for your bookings, reservations, rental agreements and vehicles from MyRent software.

You can access to a business intelligence section where to analyze the revenues and other information for a group of vehicles, brokers, reservation sources, the period of time etc.


Fleet Report

You can check the number of cars occupied during the day and for the location and you can develop a timetable for future use.

You can have the % of use from day and in the future to:

  • Protect from overbooking
  • Managing upgrades
  • Stop sales of tour operators
  • Organize internal movements
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