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We’ve rounded up our 5 most recent integrations to help your Car Rental Business be its most productive self this year and next.

Car Rental Integrations

What a year 2020 has been! Despite everything that’s been thrown our way—and yours—over the last several months, it has been our mission to share what you really need to know to keep on going your car rental as a business owner.

New Car Rental Integrations That Will Help You To Grow

To support you better, we collect all integrations we have made, as well as ongoing improvements to the MyRent you know and love. As we begin to close the book on 2020, we look forward to returning on January 2nd, 2021. Let’s just say we’re hoping for a more “precedented” year than last…

Be Presented On Every Tour Operators Website For Your Customers

In 2019, Expedia reported having 750 million monthly visitors across their property (that’s almost 10% of the global population!). Therefore,  chances are you or your clients use Expedia or other Tour Operators to find a car rental on a daily basis.

Luckily even in 2020 we have upgraded our list of Tour operators, and now you can easily make integration with more than 30 Tour operators we are already connected with. You can now start preparing for integration, check our list and connect in real-time directly from your MyRent account. You can also see reservation statuses, analyze which Tour operator you are receiving more XML request, so you can know where to focus And the best part: All these updates made in MyRent price lists automatically sync to Broker you choose. Learn more here.

Shift Business To Self-service with Movemee or MyRent’s white label solution

If your business wasn’t online before 2020, this was probably the year you embraced the digital space. And MyRent can now help you to digitalize and go completely paperless, but that’s not all. We offer you and your customers a self-service experience, where customers are able to check out and check in on their own. Thanks to developing our API solution or new integrations with one of the most popular self-service platform: Movemee.

The best part? You’ll now be able to be operational even when the offices are closed.

Quickly Analyze Market Trends with WeYield and Margin Fuel

You’ll never have to deal with complicated Excel files and statistics again thanks to WeYield’s and Margin Fuel’s integration with MyRent. When you manage rentals and fleet in MyRent, you will be also able to see market trends and compare your prices. Similarl to margin fuel, with WeYield’s easy-to-use numbers, forecast, plan, and plan strategically to make your business even more profitable.

Connect Any Marketing Tool You Want

With Zapier’s integration, you’ll be able to connect any platform you use for marketing to MyRent. After syncing with your MyRent customer list, Zapier will automatically send them marketing emails based on the schedule you set. Learn more here.

Connect with Your own Bookkeeping System

A bookkeeper is a lifeline for a growing business with increasingly complex financials (and little time to manage them). It’s why we partnered with most popular booking systems (Quickbooks, E-conomics, Zucchetti, Fortnox, etc), so you can sync invoices in both systems and have better control on invoice status and overdue payments. Learn more here.

P.S. These are just a handful of our favorite Integrations added this year. To see the full list of 50+ integrations, visit the MyRents Integration Page.

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