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Take The Management Of Your Car Sharing Business To The Next Level

MyRent software is developed for your car-sharing station-based business, to manage reservations, check the status of your fleet, and more, increasing and optimizing your revenues.

MyRent software is developed for your car-sharing station-based business, to manage reservations, check the status of your fleet, and more, increasing and optimizing your revenues.

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MYRent car Sharing Business Solution

MyRent is the right solution to manage the short, medium or long-terms rental of industrial vehicles.
The car sharing business is a strong-growing business thanks to the possibility provided to the customers, who can enjoy an autonomous rental experience, automatized and digitalized. The management of an almost completely self-service business may seem hard and expensive. With MyRent you can access to a wide range of features forged for the automatization and the digitalization of each type of rental business. MyRent is configured in a targeted way and provide dedicated extra modules to accelerate specific processes of rental such as digital signature, online reservations, virtual payment and more.

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built around your business.

Our rental software includes a wide range of features designed to help you run your rental business more smoothly. Here are just a few of the features you can expect

Self-service rental

MyRent has developed a mobile app dedicated to your final customers, customizable with your brand identity to provide a unique rental experience to your customer, who can book a vehicle, do the web check-in, upload their documents and personal data, and enjoy the rental experience.

Digital and OTP signature

MyRent provides different types of digital signatures. The OTP digital signature allows your customers to sign contracts remotely and from their own devices, with a link sent via email or SMS, making the reservation experience easy and digital.

Web check-in

The web check-in modules allow the customers to insert their data, upload their documents and insert the voucher code of reservation to do the web check-in stand-alone from their devices.

Monitoring of due dates

 Thanks to MyRent you can have a complete vision of the status of your fleet, on due dates related to insurance, car inspections and more only putting a glance on the calendar section.

Telematics Technology

MyRent supports the management of vehicles provided with telematics technology and allows an extra self-service experience with the possibility to lock and unlock vehicles and tracking the status when the vehicle is on the road.  

Online Booking

With the online booking engine, you can receive and increase your online reservations and visualize them on the MyRent calendar and directly create a quotation or a contract.

Benefits of using myrent rental software solution

Benefits of using myrent rental software solution
  • Create your car-sharing station-based business with the support of an all-in-one software developed to make more effective and optimized the management of rental processes.
  • Provide your customers with a unique self-service rental experience and boost your business services.
  • Increase your online reservations with the online booking engine developed by the MyRent team.
  • Take under control the status of your fleet thanks to an always-updated calendar with availability, due dates and car repair of each vehicle.

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MyRent Provides you Affordable pricing plans

We offer a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes, from small rental companies to large enterprises. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, with no hidden fees or charges. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options.

Our rental software solution makes it easy to manage your rental business. With features like inventory tracking, customer management, automated billing, and real-time reporting, you can streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and grow your business. Get started today with a free Demo.

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Myrent Provides You All Rental Solution to Boost Your Business

Myrent Mobile App

MyRent Mobile App allows you to achieve the highest level of automation and digitalization of check-in and check-out processes. It is designed to allow the car rental operator to manage documents, digitally sign the contract, take pictures of damages and quickly check in and check out from smartphone or tablet. The app is integrated with MyRent and available on iOS and Android!