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Profitable Automate of Car Replacement & External Rental

Mercedes Benz 

“We started to study profitability of short-term business in 2015 and we decided to start with MyRent. We saw many systems for short term rent and honestly I can only say that it was and it is the best option.
After our choice, MyRent was contacted from our HQ, in Stuttgart, and it has become the software for Mercedes-Benz Rent.”
MyRent is easy to use, very intuitive for every rental company. For experts but also for startup.
We started from the scratch and I’ve never had problems.”

Flavio A.
Fleet Manager

95% increase in profitability

100% digitization of rental, replacement process

30% costs reduction


Mercedes Benz Rent is the leading world wide Mercedes company and Daimler Mobility AG. Mercedes Benz Rent is represented in many countries with the best service, such as: USA, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Existing challenges within the replacement process and its management limited their ability to be profitable and limited their growth potential. For example, prior to or involvement, the majority of profit was not coming from replacement process and it was representing a direct cost for the customer service. Instead, the renting could become a profitable business, increasing customer retention, selling more cars and providing new mobility services to the existing customers.

Tasks and
Integrations Involved

Integration with Dealer Management System.

Managing Car replacement and Rental services

Digitalize the manual process


We first started tackling the issue of organizing and digitizing all data in once space of MyRent, so replacement process would be faster and delivering added values to the customers. Then, we have integrated MyRent with DMS (like Autoline and Windrakkar from CDK, SipadX, Infinity, etc) to provide a single experience to the dealer operators and managers. The final step was to review the business model of replacement adding additional paid services and expanding the business to people that were looking for mobility services not related to the car replacement (short, mid and long term rental).


95% increase in profitability

100% digitization of rental, replacement process.

30% costs reduction

75% fleet utilization