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 Nollegiare SRL -uses automation to profitably grow reservations       

28 locations

locations untied digitally


increase in online reservations


Increase in Fleet Size


Nollegiare SRL Is one of the fastest growing car rental company, that has started with 150 cars and now operations with 28 locations around Italy. Nollegiare offers as short-term and long-term rentals and competitive prices.

Tasks and Integrations Involved


  1. Car Rental is a competitive industry. Nollegiare is one of the best local company that offers competitive prices and customer service, thus competing with global companies such as Hertz. Our automation effort was needed to clearly and effectively articulate the value of Nollegiare to prospective customers in this competitive market.
  2. Embracing an Automation. Nollegiare was founded in 2006 and became customer of MyRent in 2018. It was necessary to provide trainings, support and inserting the data of 12 years to complete the process of automation and to fully digitalize the company.
  3. Multiple location in airports requires the process of check-in and check-out to be speedy. We had to ensure that the process of rental would be smoother, faster and professional, by positioning noleggiare as one of the best car rental services.


  1. Increase online presence
  2. Manage online reservations faster
  3. Increase customer satisfaction
  4. Automate all manual work
  5. Provide security
    When we started our partnership with Noleggiare our goals were to make the complete automation of their process and increase their online reservation number. The tools were to make the integration with Tour Operators as soon as possible, as well as make their rental process faster with innovative integration with 365 ID (scanning anti fraud technology), which has allowed company to faster the process of rental. 365 ID allows Noleggiare to reduce time of inserting the documents of clients as well as check the credibility of the documents provided. MyRent also provided the technology to sign digitally all the documents (from check out to check in) and deliver to customer mailbox.
    More location, 30 times bigger fleet requires also more reservations and new channel. MyRent provided out-of-the-box the integration with dozens Tour Operators and Partners. Moreover MyRent API provided the feature to develop their custom Website and mobile App for self service car rental experience (opening and closing the car) similar to car sharing.


By successfully leveraging automation and using Tour operator integrations, we were able to ensure the faster process and increase in online reservations and its management for company. When we began our partnership with Noleggiare, it was believed that the ideal target customers were tourists. Through proper implementation of automation and automatic placements, we were able to profitably expand beyond this limited market and acquire customers from all different backgrounds. Today, our software is successfully used to manage large fleet (5.000 vehicles) and connect all 28 locations.