How to Start a Car Rental Business

The car rental business is an upcoming industry. Also, in recent times, car rental services have picked up momentum, and many citizens are opting for vehicles on rent rather than buying one for themselves. The car rental industry is not limited to catering to businesses for employee transportation. Rather, it has become an integral part […]

Why You Should Consider Car Hire Brokers

In simple terms, car hire brokers do not own the vehicles. Instead, they act as a link between the customer and the car rental company. If you own a car rental business, you should consider car hire brokers to increase your customer base and increase profitability. As car hire brokers cater to customers from varied […]

Car Rental and Covid: what is the forecast for 2021?

In past days we have tried to identify correlations to understand what could happen in the coming months but especially in the next few weeks, so we tried to cross-reference some data relating to MyRent transactions and the trend of COVID patients. Obviously, we could see a certain type of correlation between these two data, […]

5 New Integrations Your Car Rental Needs in 2021

We’ve rounded up our 5 most recent integrations to help your Car Rental Business be its most productive self this year and next. What a year 2020 has been! Despite everything that’s been thrown our way—and yours—over the last several months, it has been our mission to share what you really need to know to […]

Choosing a Car Rental Software? Here’s the checklist

Narrow down your car rental system options with this car rental software checklist. A successful Car Rental Business is built on good organization skills. And, investing in the right car rental system is an important decision to drive your rental business forward. So, we developed these car rental software checklist to help you: Choose your selected […]

Car Rental in Europe: demand is quickly recovering in June 2020 after covid 19

June is registering a fast recovering in car rental demand. Dogma Systems, the company that develops MyRent (, the software used by hundreds car rental companies, registered a peek in the car rental demands with a total of requests (quotations) close to 80% of February demand. Of course, February demand is considered “low season” in […]