Are Lost Rental Days Eating Up the Profit of Your Car Rental Business?

It is a general perception that running a car rental business is just about renting out vehicles and upselling services related to them. In reality, the cars and additional services serve the product that the operator deals in — rental days. To run a profitable business, operators must maximise the number of rental days they […]

Credit Card, Ingenico and PSD2: everything will change from 1° Jan 2021

We’ve rounded up the changes that are coming with new PSD2 to help your business to understand what are the changes that you will need to consider.   2020 has been one crazy year. And while you probably can’t wait for 2021 to roll around, we’ve prepared the video and this blog post what will […]

What is the best car rental system for your business?

Many car rental owners and fleet managers who want to improve their rental process are asking: What is the best car rental system for my business? Below we have listed the functionalities and features that you must search while searching the right tool. Your fleet and rental management could be a complicated part of your […]

Car Dealers: How to make profit renting cars?

The Car Dealer business model is more close to the car rental business than we think. But the question remains How to make a profit renting cars?  There are several secrets that make car dealers earn more money. Providing courtesy cars or test-drive cars requires the same process as a rental, but without charge. Another […]

Car Rentals: How to Get Integrated with Tour Operators?

What is a Tour Operator/OTA and Why do I need it? Car Rental is a crucial part of the travel industry. Integrating with leading tour operators is not an easy job. Integrating with giants like Expedia, Rentals car, and takes time. But as we know Hard work works harder than luck! Once the integration […]

Dogma Systems and MyRent Enters Partnership with Intrace Solutions

           Dogma Systems is happy to announce its expansion in Latino America, we are happy to be near our clients with our Partner Intrace Solutions MyRent Enters Partnership with Intrace Solutions As a car rental owner, you have a lot on your desk. But, if the process of rental management leaves […]

MyRent offers +2000 New Integrations: Discover Even More Ways To Save Time

 New  Integrations of MyRent to connect your favorite apps and make running your car rental business easier than ever before.   How many apps do you normally use when you work? What are New Integrations of MyRent? Technology is an incredible tool that empowers vehicle rental owners to work and live smarter. But logging in […]

New MyRent’s E-Payment Integration Help You to Transit Your Business Online

    We’re living through hard times, to say at least. As a result of social distancing, car rentals, car dealers and body shops have to rethink how they are going to manage payments and save the business. This has been especially widespread in tourism-related space. Many businesses closed their doors in the wake of […]

How to use MyRent to Help Your Car Rental Through Covid-19?

The powerful features that will allow your rental business to better prepared for new challenges and changes.   As a car rental owner, you know better than anyone how difficult it can be managing the business during the world pandemic. First, it has changed the way you interact with customers, the way you do service, […]

Free survivor guide for car rentals during covid19

Hello I’m Mauro Chiarugi and I’m the founder of Dogma Systems. We have always been close to our car rental customers and help them in their activities by developing the MyRent ™ software, one of the most complete and innovative software available for rental companies. Many customers have asked me how to get out of […]