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New Improved MyRent: Introducing Integration With Movemee and Contactless Car Rental

contactless car rentalWe are going through challenging times. As a consequence of social distancing, we had to rethink the way we do things. This has been especially crucial in the car rental industry and car rental managers were among the first ones that had to create the strategy.

At DogmaSystems we understand that these times require new updates to help businesses going on during the contactless era. As Phil, from Movemee noted:

“During and after COVID-19 there will be a lot of people who will try to avoid human interactions and search for touchless experiences, therefore it is essential to update your business model according to new standards”.

What is Movemee?

Officially launched in February 2020, Movemee is designed to create a frictionless car rental experience. Customers undertake a one-time customer registration and validation process that allows them to skip the queues and/or visit a physical location. Customers access and inspect their vehicles using their phones through the Movemee app.

Movemee’s software simplifies all the tedious tasks that come with growing your team. Our favorite features include:

How MyRent and MoveMee can help you?

To have a complete contactless car rental experience, you have to download the app as a customer. This is how you will scan your assigned car and complete the transaction so you can get in the vehicle and access the keys. Despite the circumstances we live nowadays, MyRent and Movemee will help you to continue your car rental business activity with zero contact. As well as giving more flexibility by operating 24/7 because you don’t need your staff to be there for check-out and check-in.

It’s easy to manage bookings when you use both Movemee and MyRent. Every time a customer books with self-service through Movemee, the booking will appear in Myrent calendar with special color, eliminating the need for manual entries and human interaction.

Results You have to Expect From Contactless Car Rental

The MyRent-Movemee integration is just one more way you can simplify your car rental process. When you provide a touchless car rental experience in a few quick clicks, you’ll be able to put your mind to more important things. Like taking your car rental to the next, innovative level.

If you have any questions about the MyRent-Movemee integration, check out our handy podcast. You’d prefer to be in talk to a person, our Support Team would be happy to chat and give you a hand. Email or book a free call.


Providing a completely contactless experience is a must in this period. We at Dogma, collaborate with Movemee to provide innovative rental car experience for our clients and interested parts. We believe, with minimal to no human interaction, it’s entirely possible to have a touchless rental car experience with some planning and preparation.

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