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3 main features to integrate to maximize the digitalization of your car rental business.

Automation and the digitalization of processes are now a prerogative for every business, especially for car rental companies. The digitization of processes can accelerate daily activities to ensures optimal service.

At the same time, the digitization of all the processes allows the rental team to focus on the strategic part and increase the final customer loyalty. 

Three MyRent integrations and features that support
the digitalization of a car rental business:

  1. OTP Digital Signature
  2. Virtual Pos
  3. MyRent Mobile App

OTP Digital Signature

Among the three types of digital signatures that you can found in MyRent, we can say that the OTP digital signature allow the digitization of the procedure of acceptance and signing a rental agreement.

OTP stands for One Time Password. The name itself is the definition: the customer receives a unique password which is valid only once, to authenticate his signature on the rental agreement.

Let’s see all the steps:

  • At the time of booking, through the MyRent management system, it is possible to create a rental agreement and send it directly via e-mail to the customer, allowing the possibility of making the digital signature OTP


  • The customer will receive the contract via email and by clicking on the areas dedicated to signatures can accept the sending of an OTP code by email or SMS.

  • With the OTP code, the customer can authenticate his signature on the agreement and return it to the car rental company, download and save it among his documents and receive the authentication confirmation.

Once the contract is signed, the customer will have to go to the office only to collect the vehicle and enjoy its rental.

What are the advantages?

The convenience is guaranteed to the final customer, who can read the contract and sign it anywhere and at any time, directly from his smartphone or tablet.

The possibility of significantly reducing waiting times and queues at the desk, making vehicle pick-up an easy and quick process.

Virtual Pos

The Virtual Pos is a service provided by third parties, perfectly integrated into MyRent, which enables online payments in a simple and fast way.

The customer can pay an amount or the full cost of the rental directly during the booking, and, for example, take advantage of a discount for advance payment.

The Virtual Pos guarantees convenience to the customer and moreover, provides safe and effective fines management through credit card tokenization. Credit card tokenization is a procedure that allows the renters to make future charges such as the cost of re-notification and management of the fine or for any damage caused by the customer, which may be found after washing the vehicle.

Indeed, ensuring safety and efficiency to the customers is one of the fundamental principles for the success of your business and the construction of a solid value relationship with your customers.

MyRent Mobile App

MyRent also includes an app mobile dedicated to the rental operator, built to make all procedures deskless and paperless. The app allows you to speed up the check-in and check-out processes of vehicles, access damage reports, or digitally sign rental contracts when the customer is at the desk.

Here are the 4 main advantages that can be obtained by using MyRent App

  • Fasten Check-in and Check-Out:

    The app is integrated with the management system, so you can directly access with your MyRent user and carry out the operations of updating the km, extending the rental contracts, viewing an overview of the calendar and making the drop-off process of the vehicles.

  • Digital signature:

    From the app, you can allow the digital signature of your contract anywhere, during check-in or check-out. The best part is that this way time optimization is ensured since from the app you will also be able to digitally send the signed contracts to the customer.

  • Damage report:

    With the app, you can report damage by taking and attaching photos even outside the office, during the pick-up or the drop-off of the vehicle.

  • Document Management:

    The app guarantees effective document management, allowing uploading and direct association with rental contracts. Everything remains stored in the cloud and can be viewed both from the mobile app and from your MyRent environment on the desktop.

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