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In this section of the MyRent ™ User Manual we illustrate how to insert and/or modify the registered office of your company:

Path: CONFIGURATION > Company Details

Click on Company Details and a screen organized in 3 tabs will open:

  • Details
  • Electronic Invoice Info
  • Bank Details

In the Details tab I can enter the data relating to the general management such as Company Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, etc …

N.B. It is important that all these data are correct as they will be used in the printed invoice.

in the Document Numbering section

I assign to each document the prefix with which it will be issued the documentation from the headquarter (HQ) in this way:

  • I click on the orange icon next to each document (Booking, Estimate, Contract, Invoices, etc.) and enter the code I prefer.
  • for example: “HQ” stands for Head Quarter and means that the invoice will be generated directly by the Registered Office,
  • I can obviously use a code that can identify each single location

Once the computation is done, I click Update to register.

N.B. The ability to change the location codes also depends on how the Preferences are set, so it is important to check the flags:

in Rental Agreement

  • Generate invoice numbers using the prefix
  • Contract Prefix for Exit Location
  • Booking Prefix for Exit Venue
  • Estimates Prefix for Exit Location

in Invoices

Unique numbering

  • Invoicing: use a unique numbering sequence for the affiliate (if I put the flag it means that the invoice numbering will be unique even in different locations and the prefix is taken from the registered office)

In the Electronic Invoice Info tab it is important to specify:

  • Id Country Transmitter
  • Tax Regime from the drop-down menu, I can set up the correct tax regime for my company

In the tab Bank Details I enter the company’s bank details, again, it is important to make sure that these data are correct as they will appear in the invoice printout.

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