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With MyRent™ it is possible to have the customer sign in two ways:


I open the contract for which I have to ask for the signature:

  • Percorso: MyRent > Rental Agreement > List

At the top of the contract screen:

  • click on Print Checkin
  • select the language in which I want to print the Agreement
  • confirm the print
  • the contract is generated in PDF
  • open MyRent™ App
  • customer can sign with the tablet pen with my finger
  • as soon as the signing process is completed, the contract is uploaded to MyRent™ and can be consulted anywhere


The OTP signature is the function that allows you to sign a Rental Agreement or a Reservation without having the customer in front of you!

  • click on Print Checkin
  • select the language in which I want to print the Rental Agreement/Reservation
  • When the pop-up asks ‘Do you want to sign the document’, click on Remote OTP Signature
  • MyRent will send an email to the customer to digitally sign, the email can be customized with the rental logo and certified by Namirial
  • click on Open Document, customer will be able to sign the document from both computer and tablet without downloading any app,
  • the customer clicks on Click to sign field
  • enter mobile number
  • customer will receive a code  via sms that will be inserted in the popup
  • the operation is done for each signature
  • click on FINISH to complete the process
  • customer can download the document

This function is very useful for those who make monthly rentals to avoid the customer having to return to sign in the office.

In MyRent™ the contract becomes an attachment and in it there are signature and tokenization

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