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During the activation phase, a template containing the Damage Import matrix will be sent to be completed

the file will be sent back to who will upload the it in MyRent™ envirorment.

It is essential to load the Damage Matrix into the system in order to set the damages types and the related prices.


When the vehicle is returned, I check and register any damage that has been caused if any, as follows:

  • click on the green Check-In tab and open the screen with the diagram of the cross-section of the vehicle
  • drag the damage types dot icons onto the diagram:
  • dragging the icons of the types of damage on the diagram opens a pop-up where I can specify:
    • Damage Type
    • Damage Dictionary
    • Description
    • Attach the file with the pic
  • The New damages are indicated with a red dot
  • The Old damages are marked with the black one

once the new damages are loaded, they are listed under the cross-section of the vehicle,

for any damage it is possible to upload and view the image by clicking on the ‘+’ in the View Image section.

all damages are visible in the following list and next to each of them it will be possible to flag if it has been Repaired and the Repair Date

In the section at the bottom of the page I find the following final questions to ask the customer before printing:

  • Does the customer accept the damage reported?
  • The customer does not wait for check-in
  • Keys left in the Key-Box


From the app installed in the tablet:

  • click on the Rental Agreement and recover the contract of the vehicle that has returned (I can search for it by license plate, by name of the customer, etc.)
  • open the Rental Agreement and click on RETURN
  • the screen with the diagram of the cross-section of the vehicle opens, and I will drag on it the icons of the types of damage:

at each drag a pop-up opens where I select:

  • Damage type: where the damage was done (interior, crystals, rims)
  • Damage List: what is the damaged part (e.g. front hood)
  • Extent of damage: Minor and Severe – depending on that choice the price will change
  • Description
  • The New damages are indicated with a red dot
  • The Old damages are marked with the black one

Quando carico il danno posso o prendere un immagine dalla Gallery o cliccare su Camera e scattare seduta stante la foto e caricarla:

I can add up to a maximum of 10 photos.

N.B. If you are working outdoors, for example directly from the parking space, it is important to make sure you have a good internet connection to make sure that all the photos and signatures are uploaded, otherwise the best thing it will be to take the pictures out and upload them from the gallery once back at the desk.

I enter the km and the fuel, then I am in the summary screen:

If flag The customer does not wait for check-in and keys left at the Key-box the system does not take the signatures.

The customer accepts the reported damages? (clicking yes or no is only the estimate of the damages and NOT the payment) and if he has been involved in an accident, and they put the signatures.

Everything that is inserted in the tablet will be mirrored in the desktop version of the program.

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