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I can create Reservation in two ways:

Mode 1 → Path: MyRent > Reservations > New


  • Mode 2 →  PathMyRent  > Calendar

by clicking on the boxes corresponding to the row of a single vehicle and dragging the mouse, I can select the days of the reservation,

when I release the mouse, a pop-up appears which allows me to:

  • enter the start and end date of the collection
  • check the license plate of the chosen vehicle
  • click on the Reservation – Rental Agreement – Movement – Quote/Estimate buttons to choose the option

By following both modes I will get the same screen open:

The dashboard containing the following tabs:

1. Reservation – 2. Rate – 3. Extras   – 4. Pay  – 5. Split – 6. XML Info 

In the Reservation tab I enter the customer data:

in the first line, the software automatically assigns me a prefix, a number, the insertion date, an identification Code and the User who is entering it;

these fields are populated by the system based on the numbers set in the company registry.

The Reservation can be:

  • Rental: when it was converted into a rental
  • Canceled: when canceled by an operator
  • No Show: the customer did not come to collect the vehicle
  • Pending: the customer is out with the vehicle
  • Confirmed
    – Yes (it turns yellow on the calendar and the vehicle cannot be changed)
    – NO
  • Reservation status: On Wait, Accept, Refuse

When I create a Reservation I have to enter the customer details:

I can search for it in the ‘Customer’ field to retrieve any data already registered by entering the first 3 letters and clicking in the menu on the right – or

I can register it for the first time by clicking on the ‘+’ and filling out this pop up:

I have to specify if it is a Person Entity or a Legal Person: depending on whether the customer is a private person or a company, the customer card will change the mandatory fields to be filled in.

You can also scan the customer document at this stage if you have the 365ID device.

N.B. In case of integration with another DMS system, a button will appear above the Middle Name that allows you to find customers who are in the other system, thus importing their master data.

At this stage you can also enter the Agent who is carrying out the negotiation, if you want to recognize an agreement.

In the tab Rate I select the Reservation Source and the software will automatically calculate the Total Rental that will be charged to the customer for the established days and the loaded list:

(for more info: Reservation Source Configuration)

In the Extra tab I can review the summary of the daily costs and what is included in the Rate (the data is taken from the previously selected optional price list).

The system also calculates the taxable amount and in the Not Included section I find a list of all the Extras that are not included in the Rate but that I could sell to the customer:

In the Payments tab I select the payment method requested by the customer:

The Split tab can only be viewed if in Payments I have flagged:

  • Enables the splitting of payments, which is used to set special rules for the debit of the amount:

for example, if I am a dealer, I will enable a payment to an internal customer, such as a workshop and an external payment to the customer.

At this point I can click Create!

if everything has been filled in correctly a pop up will appear with confirmation that the reservation has been created successfully,

otherwise we will have an error message that will report any missing fields to finish filling.

The days of the reservation appear colored white in the calendar:

if I right-click on the white boxes a context menu divided into 2 parts appears:

  • the 1st content is the summary of the reservation: clicking in one of the lines will lead me to reopen the tab to which they refer
  • the 2nd it has actions that I can take and that are released from this reservation: Reservation, Vehicle Movement, Sales Quote

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