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With MyRent™ I can manage Fines

Path: ADMINISTRATION> Fines Management> Fine

To enter a fine, click on New Fine

This screen opens:

I enter: Infraction Date, Infraction Time, Vehicle license plate

Clicking Search a summary of the main terms of the contract will be opened and in the part below I can select the status of the fine:

In Infraction Description I can enter all the data of the report:

The information entered in this section are not reflected in terms of billing, they are informative only and allows the letter to be issued to the customer and the issuing of the fine to the authority.

By clicking on Print Letter icon at the top left, it is possible to print the letter both to the customer (to send him the police notification and inform about management fees charged) and the letter to the issuing authority (to inform them who committed the infringement). The software contains done forms that can be used for this kind of documents productions.

I can send the email or the certified e-mail to the customer directly from this screen, after configuring the SMTP from the Preferences menu:

To allow operators to view the menu Configuration > Preferences  – insert the password –  search for Fines

→ select Allow operators to see the fines menu (For more info check: USERS & ROLES Configuration).


by clicking on the blue arrows I can open the contract to charge the fine:

→ if the contract is monthly and therefore still open

  • in the Payments tab, from the Not Included section, under the FINE item, I set the flag on FINE MANAGEMENT FEE and enter the amount to be paid.

→ if the contract is closed

  • from the Amm & Cash tab, we reopen the contract by clicking on the Open Contract button at the bottom and confirm:

in this way the Rental Agreement goes to the verification status

from the Not Included section, under FINE I put the flag on FINE MANAGEMENT FEE and enter the amount to be paid and select Return

  • if the customer has paid the fine, click on the Charge/Refund button and generate a new invoice.
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