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In MyRent ™ the fleet must be configured by categories or by Groups, in this way the booking, the rental agreement and/or the movement can be combined with either a license plate or a Groups.

In order to configure the fleet, I can

  • use the ACRISS standard codes (ACRISS utilise an industry standard vehicle matrix to define car models ensuring a like to like comparison of vehicles. i.e. MINI, COMPACT, ECONOMY…)
  • or I can assign codes according to my management needs.

Vehicles belonging to the same group will have:

  • the same daily rate
  • the same price as the optionals applied
  • the same security deposit applied

For example, if the car rental has a category B of similar vans with the same security deposit, the same cost of optionals but different daily rate (for example some at € 80/day and others at € 90/day),

I will have to create two categories, for example, B1 at 80 €/day and B2 at 90 €/day.


  • Path: CONFIGURATION > Fleet > Vehicle class > New 

On the CREATE GROUP screen, fill in the required fields from the Group tab:

  • Macro class is used to unify the groups in a microcategory i.e. Cars and Vans
  • Special Group by putting the flag, in case of unavailability of a vehicle in a given location, MyRent™ will search if there is a vehicle of the same category in the same Region
  • International Code means the ACRISS code: or the NATIONAL CODE that is how I decide to call that group of vehicles.
  • National Code is the internal code.
  • Description is the description of the Group, i.e. Toyota Corolla
  • Web Description is the name published on Booking
  • Damage Excess are the maximum amounts payable by me
  • Theft Excess are the maximum amounts payable by me
    click on Create


  • click on the ID of the INTERNATIONAL CODE and open the tab
  • click on the Edit button at the bottom and make the changes I want
  • click Update

In the Wireframe Image I can load the standard image of the type of vehicle group.

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