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In MyRent ™ a Locations is a place where vehicles enter and leave, so when I enter a rental agreement, a movement or a reservation, the software will always ask for the pick up location and the return location in order to track the availability of each single vehicle.

Through the use of the Calendar, I will be able to view the vehicles of all locations or just one location in particular to check their status.

Path:  CONFIGURATIONS > Rent > Locations > Locations


  • click on Location 
  • on the screen there are 3 tabs:
    • Location
    • Additional Information
    • Device Configuration

In Location, I fill in all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *:

  • Company Company name
  • ID Each location has its own ID or code that is used by TOs to make reservations for a specific location (There is no standard, I can choose what to put according to my needs).
  • Accounting Export Code: must be entered if I want to export this form to another external accounting program.

In the section Location Type:

it is important to select the right location as because in case of airport and railway station specific charges will be applied and accounted for in the invoice reporting.

in this screen I can also choose:

  • Enable Virtual POS
  • Disabled Storage Guarantee

In the section Set For the Online Booking  I can flag whether the office must be enabled for the use of online booking, if so, I will also specify for what use the office is available:

  • Exit: the site is enabled only for the vehicle pick-up (which is then returned to another location);
  • Return: the site is only authorized to return the vehicle (which is picked up from another location);
  • Both: the site is enabled for both the pick-up and the return of the vehicle.

The Locations can be grouped into clusters using the Regions field: which are not to be considered as geographical regions, the clustering will be chosen according to the needs;

this serves two purposes:

  • link the different fees in one way in case there are commissions to be applied depending on whether the vehicle returns or leaves one ‘region’ to another
  • manage the availability of vehicles, for example extending the availability and visibility to all neighboring locations of a vehicle, in this case we will be able to define a ‘region’ that contains them all

N.B. All the data entered in this section will appear on the invoices.

In the Document Numbering section

I assign to each document the prefix organizing in this way:

  • I can leave HQ (as Headquarter) and this will make the billing refer to the registered office,
  • or I can enter prefixes depending on the location, in this way all contracts and invoices generated by the same location will have the same name


  • click on the ID and open the new screen,
  • click on the Edit button at the bottom and make the changes I want
  • click Update

The Location is always associated with an affiliate, i.e.: Mercedes B – Brighton Location, Manchester Location, London Location

Within the software we can enter multiple affiliates with different VAT numbers to issue invoices

In the tab Additional Information, I can enter all the specific info of a given location (Opening Hours, Maintenance Site, Last Minute Management etc …)

In the tab Device Configuration in this section I can configure NEXI

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