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The MyRent™ Dashboard has several sections with different menus & sections:

In the first one there are the following tabs:

  • Daily
  • Revenues in the period
  • Fleet
  • Defleeting vehicles
  • Expiring Events
  • Long Term Rentals not billed
  • Reservations
  • Self Service
  • News and Podcast

In the Daily tab I find the quick actions that are taken most often:

  • Calendar: By clicking on it, I access a detailed graphic scheme where I can view the list of vehicles and immediately understand their availability.
  • New Quotation: By clicking on it, I can make a quote to inform the customer about how much he will spend on the rental of a given vehicle during a given period,

The Quotation can be saved in the system BUT it does not block any vehicle in the Calendar, it can instead be transformed into a Reservation or Rental Agreement if the customer decides to rent the vehicle.

  • New Reservation By clicking on it, I access the screen to create a new Reservation in which I can add the Rate, Extras, Payments and get Info on XML.
  • New Rental By clicking on it, I access the screen to create a new Rental Agreement.
  • New Movement By clicking on it, I access the screen to create a new internal movement.
  • Check in By clicking on it, a pop-up appears where by entering the vehicle license plate I will be able to search for it in the system and close the file.

The dashboards:

  • PICK UP (today/tomorrow): indicates how many vehicles have to go out today and how many will go out tomorrow (this info is important because the vehicles must be prepared to go out tomorrow)
  • DROP OFF (today / tomorrow): indicates how many vehicles must return today and how many will return tomorrow
  • TRANSFER PICK UP (today/tomorrow) and TRANSFER DROP OFF(today / tomorrow) represent all internal movements (which are not contracts), for i.e. the movement of an employee who must take a vehicle to go from one location to another. So every time a MOVEMENT is created, the vehicle is engaged, blocking its availability.
  • OVERDUES number of expired rentals, i.e. vehicles that should have returned but have not yet done so (in this case either we have not renewed the contract or the customer has not returned)
  • RESERVATIONS reservations in place and which are not combined with a license plate
  • MAINTENANCE number of vehicles under maintenance
  • OVERVIEW RENTAL AGREEMENT indicates how many contracts were made in the last 7 days, therefore how many vehicles I rented in the last 7 days;
  • OVERVIEW RESERVATION represents the contracts already in place + the projection of those I will have in the next 7 days: it shows the future situation based on the data in the archive
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