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With MyRent™ it is possible to manage Monthly Rental Agreements

PathMyRent > Rental Agreement > List

  • from the drop-down menu I select Open Monthly Rentals

a series of operating commands are displayed that allow you to manage this type of rental:

The monthly rental lasts 30 days and on the 30th day it must be renewed manually as follows:

PathMyRent > Rental Agreement > List

from the drop-down menu:

  • select Open Monthly Rentals
  • select the contract (s) that need to be renewed
  • click on the button above: Charge & Renewal
  • the system tries to collect the payment and, if successful, the Rental Agreement will be renewed

If I make a Rental Agreement that starts today 23.07.2021 and ends on 24.07.2022 and I DO NOT put the flag on Enable Monthly Billing

MyRent™ will generate a contract for the duration of 365 days, this means that the customer will go out with a 365 days contract and every month I will have to invoice, as follows:

in the Check In section (in the contract) I put the flag on Enable monthly billing

in the MONTHLY RENTAL section (in the contract) select:

  • the duration in months i.e. 10
  • the Duration in days i.e. 30
  • the End of the Contract i.e. 19.05.2022

in this way we create a contract with 10 periodicity

I will print a contract to the customer where the end is that of the end of the month and not the 19.05.2022

and at the time of renewal, I will manage everything from the drop-down menu:

  • select Open Monthly Rentals
  • select the expiring contract
  • click on the button above: Charge & Renew → the system will try to collect the payment and if it will be successful, the system will renew it (this is because the credit card is already tokenized) -or-
  • if the customer pays by bank transfer, for example, I click on the button above: Renew Rental → also in this case, the system will try to collect and if successful, renew it

in this way the vehicle will still be blocked in the Calendar.

Each month the customer will receive a new contract that must be signed → it is recommended to activate the remote signature with OTP, so the customer will sign directly from a mobile phone

For billing:

after renewing the contract, MyRent™ opens a pop-up where it asks if I also want to invoice it: if I confirm, another pop up will be opened:

if the mail is already configured, it will be possible to send it directly to the customer.


When the customer pays the entire rental in advance, the billing period is still monthly even if an amount covering 6 months is added;

this is because from the contract, in the Rate tab, I click on the Invoice button and you generate an invoice for each rental month, because each invoice shows a competence.

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