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The Optionals are necessary for configuring the Rate and allow you to manage all cases of changes to the basic price list (such as half a day, extra km, etc.).

In MyRent™ we can manage them in this way:

Path: RATE > Optionals > List

In this screen I can see the list of Optionals already created and ready in the system.

By clicking on the Optionals code, I can see the settings which, if necessary, can be changed.


  • To create a new option I click on  Optionals

Each category of Optionals generates calculation automatisms in MyRent™, so it is important to understand when I select them how they will be to managed by the software.

Type of Optionals available:

  • Waiver allows applying insurance coverage to a rental. When it is selected, it is possible to choose from 3 types of coverage :
    • PAI (Personal Assistant Insurance): driver insurance.
    • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver): insurance for damage caused to the vehicle.
    • TP (Theft Protection): insurance in case of theft.

by clicking on CDW and TP I can set the compensation penalty:

If I select Excess, I set the amount of the deductible in absolute terms

If I select Reduction, the % deductible field is automatically made available, which allows you to apply a percentage reduction of the standard deductible.

NO SUL MANUALE: penalità risarcitoria e franchigia sono la stessa cosa, se il cl fà un danno da 1700 €, il noleggiatore ha accordi con l’assicur, decide quindi che ad ese fino a  1500 paga il cl il resto l’assic

il noleggio non ce vole perde. quindi il danno lo paga cl e assic, a livello legale il nolegggio non può vendere la franchgia, quindi usa il termine di penalità risarcitoria + ci sono dei ricavi)

If I set it as a Deductible I see 2 columns, I can change from Group to Group:

The other Optionals present in the section:

  • Kilometers: allows to manage the charge for unlimited or extra mileage.
    • In KM DETAILS is possible to flag:
      • If I select Unlimited, the customer has no limit and can travel as many Km as he wants
      • If I select Extra, I will have to enter in Included km the number of daily kilometers included for which the payment of the supplement is not triggered. 
  • Fuel: is the cost of the refueling service (by default MyRent ™ charges every lt of fuel missing on return even if this Optionals has not been created) with this Optional we associate an additional charge for refueling
  • Vehicle Clean: assign to the customer a penalty in case the vehicle has to be cleaned when it is returned
  • Driver’s Age an extra cost is applied when the driver of the vehicle is in a certain age range: for example, minimum age 18 and maximum age 25
  • License Years: applies an additional amount depending on whether the customer has had a driving license for a certain number of years. In Max years I enter the maximum number of years of driving license 
  • Additional Driver: is the cost for the 2nd or 3rd driver
  • Out of Hours: applies a supplement when the vehicle is returned outside the opening hours of the office. On Max amount of hours indicates the hour after which the option applies. Example: if you write 10pm, the option is applied when the vehicle is returned after 10pm
  • One way: the customer is charged when the vehicle is returned to a location other than the one from which it is picked up
  • Airport Surcharge: is applied when the rental is at an airport. They are typically a percentage of the rental
  • Railway Surcharge:  is applied when the rental is at a railway. They are typically a percentage of the rental
  • Delivery/Collect: is the delivery and collection service of the vehicle; it assigns a surcharge when the customer does not return the vehicle to the rental location but has the renter recover it at a hotel or other. It is generally negotiable according to the distance
  • Cancellation: it gives the customer a penalty when he cancels his reservation
  • No show: a penalty is applied to the customer when he/she does not show up for a confirmed reservation
  • Equipement: allows you to associate an accessory to the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) standard; Cliccando poi su Seleziona è possibile abbinare l’accessorio a una macrocategoria definita dallo standard OTA.
  • Road Tax: it is a surcharge that some renters apply to their customers. Generally it is daily
  • Pre-Paid full fuel: it is used to charge – during the exit phase – the cost of filling up the vehicle. It is generally negotiable because it can be changed daily by the operator
  • Extra Time: by selecting this option it is possible to choose between the following alternatives:
    • Day Special: it is a public holiday that may not be a Saturday or Sunday
    • Half day extra: is applicable to rentals lasting more than 1 day. The amount replaces that of the last day of rental
    • Night Extra: is applicable to rentals lasting more than 1 day. The amount replaces that of the last day only if a time constraint is respected
    • Festivity: the amount replaces the daily amount for the number of holidays that are entered (quantity)
    • it is rate optional: it replaces the tariff completely, regardless of the number of days
  • Security Deposit: allows you to create different deposits for each vehicle group. Otherwise, by default, the amounts set in the first screen of the rate list will be considered.
  • Other: If I flag in case you want to create an Optionals not present among those listed.

For all these Optionals it is necessary to fill in the fields proposed in this way:

  • ID: enter a code to identify the optional (i.e. WS for washing)
  • Description: enter a description for the optional
  • Account: select the Sub-account from the chart of accounts from the drop-down menu or create a new account if necessary

I can apply the Options to the price list (Rate List) or to a group of vehicles (Group).

Optionals can be associated with rate lists, but not with locations. If a price list is associated with a location, the Optionals associated with that price list will be usable by users belonging to that location.

The Charge Frequency or Type can be:

  • One Time
  • Daily
  • % Rental
  • Per km
  • Negotiable
  • Nego.Daily

For these parameters I can:

  • fix a Default price
  • flag VAT Applicable to apply the VAT. Almost all Optionals are subject to VAT, reimbursements charged to the customer may not be subject to VAT (check with your accountant). Customer makes from booking. If you select the option for online booking, the option will automatically appear on the reservation that the customer makes from the booking.
  • flag Multiplication allowed to multiply the number of Optionals and therefore have more Optionals of the same type.
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