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The closure of a contract can be done starting from two paths:

  • Path: MyRent > Rental Agreements > List

I can retrieve the cotract that has to be closed by searching by the customer’s surname or plate in the open rental agreements


  • Path: MyRent > Calendar

I search directly from the Calendar, filtering by Car Class, or by Location, or by Plate, or Vehicle Usage,

I click in the pink cells that identify precisely that the Rental Agreement is open, and from the menu I select one of the links of the first block (Group, Headquarters, Plate)

I enter the  Rental Agreement screen and this time I will use the green tabs:

  • 1° STEP Tab Closure:

Enter: Vehicle Pickup, Start Date an Time, Return Date and Time, Total Km, Fuel.

N.B. Regarding the Fuel, we can also indicate a different quantity from that one of entry,

the system will then calculate the amount for the missing fuel and/or the Refueling Service if we have set a commission for this charge. (For more info on Optionals Configuration)

Once the data has been set, I click Close Movement (bottom right).

→ if I am an Administrator user I will see a pop-up asking me where the vehicle is returning to

→ if I am an Operator user, I will not see this window as the office will be the one where the Operator is located

(For more info User Configuration).

  • 2° STEP Tab Check In:

from this tab I can add any damage to the vehicle in case there have been any,

dragging the icons of the types of damage on the diagram opens a pop-up where I can specify:

  • Damage Type
  • Damage Dictionary
  • Description
  • Attach the file with the pic

N.B. icons and cross-section of the vehicle are customizable (For more info check Damage Management).

N.B. The Switch tab in pink can be used in case the customer has had a breakdown: the rented vehicle has had a problem and must be replaced with another.

In this case the steps will have been: Closing → Check in → Switch (For more info check Substitution Creation).

  • 3° STEP Tab Amt & Cash:

in this screen I find the summary of the agreement: what has already been collected, the invoices issued, what was included in the rate and the penalties or other commissions to be charged

I will be able to see what the customer will pay, clicking on Invoice Preview

If the customer pays in cash, I click on the Charge/Refund button, if he pays by card, I click on VPOS

At this point I can issue the invoice to the Customer/Driver by clicking on invoice:

If the customer pays in cash, I click on the Charge/Refund button and register the amount I am collecting in the pop-up window,

in this way the collection will be linked to the invoice.

Once the Rental Balance has been collected, it goes to 0, and I can close the contract by clicking on Closing the Contract:

N.B. so first I close the movement, making the vehicle available again and then when I have recorded the collection I can Close the Rental Agreement.

The Rental Agreement will now be found under the list of Closed Contracts and in the Calendar the boxes will change colour from pink to dark red and the vehicle’s km will change from red to black

To learn more watch the video on the MyRent™ YouTube channelRental Agreement closure

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