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With MyRent™ I can create a Rental Agreement in two ways:

→ turning a Reservation into a contract – or

→ creating a Rental Agreement from scratch

How to turn a Reservation into a Rental Agreement

There are 2 ways to turn a Reservation into a Rental Agreement:

  • Mode n. 1 → Path: MyRent > Reservation > Search

I search for Reservations with a certain pick-up date (the list of results will change depending on the User Configurations, I will then be able to see either all the locations or only my own).

In order  to retrieve the Reservation, from the screen that opens I can use different types of search filter (group, venue, Number, Name, Voucher, etc.)

Once found, I can view it by clicking on the Number:

and I click on the button below New RA:

→ in this way, the data from the Reservation has been transferred to the Rental Agreement

  • Mode n. 2 → Path: MyRent > Calendar
  • click with right button on the white boxes
  • from the context menu click on the reservation or on the license plate
  • click on the button below transform to New RA

 → in this way, the data from the Reservation has been transferred to the Rental Agreement

Creating a Rental Agreement from scratch

PathMyRent > Rental Agreement > New

Following all these paths, I will always get the opening of this screen:

  • Tabs with a white background are filled in at the exit of the vehicle
  • Tabs with a green background are filled in when the vehicle is re-entered


  • I can search for the customer in the Customer field to retrieve any data already registered by entering the first 3 letters and clicking on the menu on the right
  • – or I can record it for the first time by clicking on the ‘ + ‘
  • I can specify the Driver (which I can identify with the Customer)
  • click the license verification
    • specify which group the customer is booking, and  in case the same group is not available, assign a different one.
    • i.e. if the customer asks for Group A, but this is not available, I will assign him Group B, but the customer will pay the same price as Group A (the one he had booked)
    • I select my location and click onVehicle Pickup available vehicle, select the vehicle that I am looking for
    • automatically the system shows me the mileage and fuel level of the same (km and fuel are modifiable at this stage, but the operation can be performed only by those who have the credentials).

In the tab Rate

  • ritrovo i dati inseriti in fase di Prenotazione oppure se sto creando ora il Contratto inserisco la Convenzione cioè la tariffa che voglio applicare e il sistema calcolerà automaticamente l’importo per i giorni richiesti
  • se la richiesta arriva dal TO specificherò ‘Prepagato’, i giorni, il codice del voucher

In the tab Extras

  • view daily cost summary (Amount)
  • what is included in the Included such as deductibles (data are taken from the previously selected price list)
  • in the area Not Included I can find all the optionals that can be charged to the customer by flagging Select (e.g. seat, young driver, insurance that reduces the deductible).
  • every time I add an Optional the total amount will update automatically

The Unit column specifies how the Optional should be charged:

  • Per day
  • To negotiate: if the cue I can change the amount of the optional directly from the tab  
  • Fixed (where the field and empty)

In the tab Pay

  • I will find the payment method chosen during the booking or if I am creating the contract now, I will select the payment method that the customer wants,
  • I can ask for a payment in cash, credit card or just a deposit
  • In the tab Split it will only be viewable if in payments I have flagged the option enable payment splitting; for more information about Split Payment here.

In the tab Check Out

  • I will find the diagram of the vehicle and that tells me in what state it is, with the mark of any damage and the list of the same.

By clicking on Create I proceed with the creation of the contract.

The creation of the contract can also be verified from the calendar screen.


Clicking on Print CheckOut I select the language in which I want to print the contract and after giving confirmation the PDF will be generated.

The Rental Agreemnt can be digitally signed via a graphometric signature device connected to the computer such as Wacom for example.

or the signature can be done via the app (on tablet and mobile) by clicking on the Signature Checkout App button:

In the other menu on the left, I click on contract Signature > Start Signature Process > Attach Signature 

For the control between digital signature and Graphometric signature a plugin should be installed.

Signing in OTP is very useful for example for multi-dimensional contracts so as not to return the customer to sign every month but by having him send the signature through his mobile phone.

The signed contract will be automatically uploaded under Customer Documents.

To learn more watch the video on the MyRent™ YouTube channelCreate a rental agreement from a reservation

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