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From the Dashboard, I can click on the Calendar button which gives me access to a detailed graphic scheme where I can view the list of vehicles and their availability status.

I can search for a vehicle using the filters and then extrapolate it according to:

  • Macro Class
  • Car Class
  • Location
  • Vehicle Usage
  • is busy – is available

Each line of the calendar corresponds to a vehicle and the following data is specified for each vehicle:

  • CLS: the class
  • Vehicle: the plate
  • Description: type of model
  • Park: where it is physically parked
  • !: the color of the dot indicates whether the vehicle is expiring\expired\active
  • Wash: the color of the car indicates whether the vehicle is dirty or clean
  • KM/EH: how many km the vehicle has covered at the moment and depending on the color of the car icon, the vehicle is free or busy
  • Gas: indicates the fuel level (E = Empty, F = Full, 1/2 = half full)
  • exp: depending on the color of the dot, an event will be expired\expired\no expiration
  • Service: it is about the maintenance, whether it has been done or is still to be done

In the calendar, each activity is marked with a different color and the Color legend can be consulted by pressing the i key

N.B. If the KM are in red but the calendar boxes are green, it means that the vehicle is busy: in fact, there is a movement or an extended contract on it that has not yet been closed.

i.e. the contract expired on 11.07pm but on that date the vehicle was not delivered and no one extended the contract for the following days,

in the calendar the vehicle will have red kms but blocked only until 11.07pm → so even if the boxes are green it will not be possible to create a new contract.

By clicking inside each box, I can see all the details of the Reservation and/or the Rental Agreement (License Plate, Customer, Vehicle, Group).

Planning Calender Info colours

Sundays are colored in gray but it is still possible to make a Reservations and/or Rental Agreements that includes them.

Rental Agreementsquotationsreservations and movements can be created either by clicking on the corresponding menus, or by selecting the buttons from the pop-up:

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