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Path: CONFIGURATION > Rent > Location > Timetable

  • click on Location Opening Time
  • select the location
  • in the SHOW LOCATION OPENING TIME screen, at the bottom, click the Edit button
  • specify the day of the week from the drop-down menu and Start time and End time
  • click on Edit

Times must be entered day by day:

if I have to set up different times for morning and afternoon, I can proceed in this way:

  • enter the morning time i.e. from 9:00 to 12:30
  • click on the top menu New Location Opening Time
  • enter afternoon time  i.e. 15:00 to 20:00
  • click on Create

then to create the other days

  • click on Duplicate
  • a new page opens with the same time: from here I can change only the day of the week
  • click on Create

Also, from this screen I can insert special openings or closings times, in this way:

  • flag the checkbox Is Date
  • click on Specific Date and enter the day from the drop-down menu
  • enter Start Time and End Time
  • click on Edit

this section is useful for example if the office is closed for half a day on a particular day.

The timetables are also seen on the web and are the ones that determine when a customer can come to collect or return a car.

(If I want the customer to come even when the office is closed, different rules must be configured).


Path:  CONFIGURATION > Rent > Location > Holidays

Using this menu I can set the closure of the office for the whole day for the holidays:

click on Festivity
select the Location
write the Description and enter the Date
click on Create

Therefore, Opening Time will be used if the closure is partial and a time must be specified, while Holidays will be used if the office is closed all day (so no time is entered).

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