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In MyRent™  I can configure all users who will use it and associate to them different kind of permission.

Path: CONFIGURATIONS > Users > List

  • click on New
  • the following pop up will open

From here I can select the User Type depending on his/her role, choosing from these different types:

Calendar User – He/she can only consult the calendar to check the availability of vehicles, but cannot do reservations or rental agreement
Fleet User – He/she is the fleet manager who takes care of maintenance
Operator – He/she operates the rental and therefore all the operations connected to it (entering reservations, contracts, issuing invoices, etc.). These operations are limited to the office assigned to him/her
Location Manager – He/she is the head of a specific location office and his/her operations are valid only for this office. He/she can see reservations and contracts that are created and closed only precisely, in this office
Area Manager – He/she is the manager of a specific area, He/she can manage the operations of the offices in this area
Country Manager – He/she has visibility on all locations, He/she has administrative functions included in the permission, also he/she can create reservations, contracts and invoices for all locations.
Administrator – He/she is like the National Manager but in addition sees management menus and can create other Admin users.

Once I have chosen the type of user, I select the name of my company:

N.B. DO NOT select Dogma Systems! It is listed only as an Admin user for assistance!

  • click on Confirm button

Each time I will register a new User, this screen opens: in the tab User Details fill in the required fields and click Create:

In the Permissions tab I can set the flags depending on the kind of permission I want to assign to the a specific user (the non-flagged boxes will determine the lack of permission):

In the tab Rates & Discounts, I can set special discounts and/or a reservation source that a specific User can apply:

In the last tab Allowed Payments I can enter the type of payment that a specific User can apply:

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