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Using the Virtual Pos integration allow to do not save the card data in the system, 

the transaction will be saved in MyRent™ – BUT – the card data will be managed by Ingenico (which has all the security protocol inside it in case of theft);

By the tokenization I can:

  • save the customer credit card
  • register a deposit
  • register a cash in
  • make collections and/or deposits (i.e. payment of fines and/or damages after 90 days)

Ingenico will return us an Alias pan: a code that can be used later to make charges, pre-authorizations, reversals or subsequent operations such as the payment of fines and/or damages after 90 days.

The Virtual Pos can be managed from the Pay tab and from the Amt & Cash tab when closing a contract:

  • from Pay tab

instead of entering the credit card data, we will use the Virtual Pos button:

(in the mandatory field Pay always enter VIRTUAL POS from the drop-down menu to ensure that the First Note comes out correctly)

in the screen, I will perform the following steps:

I enter the amount in the TRANSACTION DATA section (in case of a monthly rental, I will find it already entered)

If I have the customer in front of me, I can initiate the payment in different ways:

  • if I click Initiate Deposit – I am pre-authorizing the payment
  • if I click Initiate Charge – I am cashing out
  • if I click Generate link for Deposit, I send a link to an intermediate page where the customer will view his contract data and can pay directly from there
  • I click Initiate Deposit:

The deposit request can be sent in the following ways:

  • QR code: the customer points to the QR code and a screen opens where he chooses the card to use and enters his data
  • send SMS (if TWILIO configured cost € 0.10) with +39 customer number and start the procedure
  • Send Email if the email setting from the MyRent logo has been configured by clicking on the Copy Link button under QR code
  • by pointing on the QR code the customer opens the screen on the smartphone where he/she chooses the card to use for payment
  • enters his/her data (the bank may ask him to enter a PIN depending on the circuits)

if this message Payment Done appears, it will mean that it has been successful:

I then click on Update and reload the rental page, I will see the transaction just charged in the sections:

  • TRANSACTION LIST below and in

I select it and from tab Amt & Cash

I click Charge to cash out while if I click on Cancel Aut instead I can cancel a pre-authorization.

further example:

I have to ask a customer for a security deposit of €500, the customer comes back and there are €150 to be collected and therefore I only have to give him back €350, how I manage this situation:

on Debit Amount I enter €150 and MyRent will automatically unlock the €350 difference. The timing for when the €350 will be returned to the customer card varies by the bank.

  • How to start the collection:

click Initiate Deposit:

clicco Avvio Addebito and from the pop-up I choose:

  • Use a different card: in case the customer wants to use another card
  • Use a card stored: that is the token
  • in the next confirmation screen I put the flag on the card with which the customer wants to pay and click Confirm
  • a new transaction is generated and at the bottom of the page we find the CHECK-OK confirmation message
  • I select the second transaction and click on the Debit button

→ the transaction is updated showing the amount charged

→ THE PAYMENT HAS BEEN ACCEPTED message is showing up

  • Transaction CANCELLATION:
    • to Cancel the deposit – I select the deposit transaction and click Cancel Aut
    • to Cancel the transaction – I select the deposit transaction and click Credit

To make sure that the collections made with the Virtual POS have been correctly recorded, the best thing for the Administration is to check the Ingenico portal:

Operations <View Transactions <View List

from there I can set the dates and see all the operations that have been made and the related reconciliations.

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