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Credit card tokenization is the procedure that allows you to ask the acquirer (Nexi) to register the data on our behalf and

in a safe and certified mode according to the PCI standards.

The token will be imported into MyRent™ and can be used for subsequent charges.

Tokenization Advantages :

  • If the token is lost, no other merchant can use it to make charges because for that card and for the merchant who created it is unique
  • The rigorous security procedures associated with the retention of card data are delegated to highly specialized third parties
  • The merchant retains the possibility of being able to make subsequent charges if authorized and permitted by the agreements between the parties

Procedure 1: Entering the transaction in MyRent™ and tokenization of the card (Check Out)

  • once the card has been swiped in the physical POS click on the VPOS button:

N.B. this key is available in two menus: Payments (Check Out) and Accounting (Check In)

  • a pop-up appears in which:
  • select the device (if I am an Operator or Head of Office, the list will be filtered showing only the devices of my station)
  • enter the data relating to:
  • Auth Code
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Time (always enter 00 for seconds)
    enter PREAUT for pre-authorization
    enter INC for collection

The requested data are easily identifiable on the receipt:

At this point, to import the transaction into MyRent™ and tokenize the card, I click on:

Register Preauth and Token: in this way MyRent™ tokenizes the card and imports the pre-authorization.


Register Collection and Token: in this case, in addition to tokenize the card and import the pre-authorization, MyRent™ will enter the first collection note.

N.B.: It is essential that the Operator will choose the correct option otherwise the pre-authorization won’t be recorded as a collection!

If the operation is successful, at the bottom of the screen I will see the green message ‘Card is now tokenized’

If there is an error, the message will be red.

This can happen in case, for example, the amount or the auth code or the date / time are wrong, the error message will be “Physical POS origin transaction not found”.

Procedure 2: Check In – Delay Charge

At the Check In:

  • select the POS to use
  • select the token (the card)
  • enter the amount to be collected from the pre-authorization
  • make a charge from pre-authorization
  • cancel a pre-authorization
  • charge immediately with a new transaction using the token

Here are the steps to follow:

If I have to click on: Debit from Preauth or Debit: MyRent™ will also generate the relative first receipt note.

Charged by Preauth

The procedure can only be performed if the tokenization took place before midnight on the debit day (it will not work on the same day – it will therefore be necessary to wait until the next day).

The maximum chargeable amount will be equal to that of the pre-authorization. For additional charges, it will be necessary

  • Make a physical POS receipt and import the transaction by clicking on “Register Receipt and Token” or
  • Make an Immediate Cashout by first selecting the token – by clicking on “Debit”

Cancel Preauth

The procedure can only be performed if the tokenization took place before midnight on the day of cancellation (it will not work on the same day – it will therefore be necessary to wait until the next day). The procedure is immediate, the actual release on the customer’s card will depend on the circuits and in particular on the issuing institution of the customer’s card. In case of delay in availability, the customer must contact their bank.

Debit (immediate debit)

Using this button, the customer’s selected card will be charged by making a new transaction in “card not present” mode. This function is very useful, for example, for debiting amounts where there are no pre-authorizations that can be used or the possibility of carrying out a transaction from physical POS (which therefore requires the customer – card present transaction) and importing it with the “Register Collection and Token” function.

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