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Maintenance Management

In MyRent I can create and manage a maintenance schedule:

PathFLEET > Maintenance Record > New

in the Maintenance tab I have to fill in the fields relating to the vehicle, the registration of invoices and payments from the maintenance supplier.

  • in Car Owner I can enter if it is my business or a lease
  • in Request Type I can select the type of request received: Car body repairment, Engine, Mechanics, Tyres
  • in Request Status I can monitor the progress of the practice: Approved, Draft
  • in Request Severity I can establish the importance of the maintenance: as Alert or Blocking situation

On the Media Pictures section I can add photos, while in the sectionsbelow Repair and maintenance request and Orders I can check the history of previous requests and orders:

how the Maintenance Record List is organized:

With MyRent ™ I can also create and manage a Repair and Maintenance Request

PercorsoFLEET > Repair & Maintenance Request > New

From the tab Repair & Maintenance I can create a new request:

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