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If you are looking for connecting with a MyRent agent for customer support, click in the following link: https://dogmasystems.screenconnect.com.


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MyRent™ App Configuration

MyRent™ app is available forAndroid on Playstore and for iOS on the AppStore.  

I can log in as follows:

  • download MyRent ™ app from the selected device (tablet and/or smartphone)
  • start the app from the device (tablet and/or smartphone)
  • from the computer, I position myself over the icon with the company logo in the menu at the top right
  • from the drop-down menu, I click on QR code Login
  • click ‘photograph the QR code’ button
  • scan the QR code with the device

→ I will be automatically connected with the same MyRent ™ Web user even from the tablet or smartphone!


it is mandatory ONLY FOR THE FIRST LOGIN to use the QR code (otherwise the app will not connect!)

while I can make subsequent accesses with my username and password.

 → sarò automaticamente collegato con lo stesso utente di MyRent™ Web anche dal tablet o smartphone!

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