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Split Payment

This function divides the amounts between different subjects; MyRent™ do this in two ways:

  • 1st mode from the tab Rate 

I click on prepaid i.e. the rental is prepaid by a Tour Operator: the customer receives a Voucher code for number of days, the system will charge this part to the TO and all surpluses to the customer

  • 2nd mode from tab Split Payment

After flagging Enable payment breakdown I access a new tab that gives me the possibility to distribute the amounts as I prefer, for example: part to the customer, part to the garage for damages, part to the insurance…

once the costs are distributed, I will click on Create Invoices and decide whether to do it to Customer or Workshop

The amount can be charged as absolute or as a percentage (i.e. 30% paid by the customer and 70% workshop)

You can use this function when closing the invoice.

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