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Substitution Creation

It may happen that I have to replace the vehicle that has gone out due to a problem.

Path: MyRent> Rental Agreements> List

  • click the pink tab called Switch
  • select the place of return of the vehicle
  • choose whether to select the new vehicle manually or to proceed with automatic pairing

MyRent™ will propose as available only the plates of the same group booked, to allow the applied rate to remain unchanged.

Example: a replacement has to be processed for vehicle assigned to car class A, while the booked one is B, I want to replace the vehicle with the same class as the one assigned (A) , then I need to temporarily change the booked class (from B to A) and return to the vehicle replacement screen.

At this point, when searching for plates, MyRent™ will propose those available for the booked class (which has become A). Once the vehicle has been replaced with the desired license plate, it is necessary to restore the vehicle class originally booked (from A to B), to allow the rate to remain unchanged, as agreed with the customer.

After these operations, close the movement and save.

Closing the movement allows you to close the rental agreement. (The closing of the movement does not coincide with the closing of the contract). The close contract button will therefore appear on the left. Undo Check in allows you to undo the closing of the movement.

Once the collection and invoicing operations have been completed, the contract can be closed.

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