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If you are looking for connecting with a MyRent agent for customer support, click in the following link: https://dogmasystems.screenconnect.com.


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Report Damages on the Go

Just finished checking the vehicle? Send your client and manager the damage report right from the vehicle checking place and get paid by the time you get home.


Automation of Manual Work

Automate your Manual Work and Paperwork


Saving Time

Decrease time spent on organizing, confirmation, speed up your process with quality.


Productivity Increase

MyRent allows your team to work as a one no matter how many locations you have.

Easiest Online Booking Management

Tired of confirming reservations manually? Confirm all of your reservations faster, organize better availability of business and your bookings with MyRent.

Legal Digital Signature From MyRent App

Can't find the right document? Digital signature makes your rental process faster, professional and more organized. Find signed document in seconds and do not make the client to wait more. The best part? It is legal in most of the countries.

Self Service: digitize the customer experience

Switch to self-service model and save time and operational cost, no our of hours, no deliveries, 100% safe and premium car rental experience at your customer's hands!

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