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Discover How MyRent Can Help You in Your Daily Resources Management

MyRent is a Car Rental Management System which helps a rental operator in faster operations. In a car rental business, the administrator has to be very fast in order to sell most of the rental days. Sometimes the rental operator needs to close the rentals and re-allocate those cars which are returned by the customer but are in parking due to documentation or agreement process

These types of rentals should be closed very soon and MyRent software helps in it. MyRent allows the administrator to achieve the target by providing many advance features.


It is easy to create sales quotes by using the software. A Quotation is an important part of the fleet planning. You can create a sales quote by filling up information in a simple form and your quote is ready to send to the customer. After creating a quote, you can directly send it to the customer, print it and modify easily.

MyRent software allows to decide car class, location, apply discounts and verify the total amount.


Reservation Management is an important feature of MyRent software. Car Rental companies can create the reservation and also define the status of the reservation.

There are two types of reservations that you can manage with MyRent software:

Prepaid – Which will be paid by the third parties or tour operators.

Not Prepaid – Paid Directly by the final customer.

You can add drivers, their documents, the car class assigned, pickup date, return date, payment details etc. in the reservation form.


By using MyRent software the companies can create the rental contracts.

The software assists the operator to complete the documentation process in a faster way as there are many more customers who are waiting for the car. By creating contracts faster, the rental operator can reallocate the vehicle to another customer.


Creating invoices is an important part of the car rental business. It can be a complicated process and you have to look for all the paid and unpaid amounts, discounts and additional charges, etc.

By using MyRent car rental software, you can generate automatic invoices with final calculation of all types of charges and discounts. You can print the partial or final invoice with the total amount.

The invoice is directly associated to the rental agreement and generates the cashbook records, taking memory of the vehicle used. In this way you can easily have the cost center for vehicle. If you need, you can also create invoices free from the rental agreements and vehicles, in order to manage other activities you may have.

Digital Signature

Contract management is a critical process and organizing all kinds of documents is also very important in the car rental business. MyRent simplifies the process by providing many features and Digital Signature is one of them. By using this feature, the car rental company can easily upload the signature of their customers with the rental agreement.

The feature is very easy to use; the company just needs to connect the software with the digital signature pad and then open the rental agreement where signature is required.

You will see the signature panel on the screen and on the signature pad. Customer can sign and you can upload this in the software.


It is yet an additional device which assists more in fast rental operations. At the time of rental agreement, the operator can use this feature for instant details of the credit card and by connecting a swipe machine to the software, all the credit card details will be filled in the software automatically.


By using this feature, once the car operator will click on the fines option, a window will open where the details like date of infraction and plate number, etc. can be filled and the software will automatically calculate the data of infraction. You can also print the document from the same dashboard.