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Discover How MyRent Can Help You in Your Daily Resources Management

Financial Management is crucial for any business and so for the car rental business. Cash management, deposit, amounts, mode of payment are some important factors in Car Rental’s finance management.

MyRent software makes it very easy to manage all these financial factors without too much of efforts.

Cash Management

MyRent system has a module for Cash Management. After opening the cash operation, a user can check every movement for the cash. By using this feature, you will have the report of the user operations and you can keep control over the operations of sub locations and partners. It also allows you to restrict the control to a certain period of time and print the balance of the cash, with the list of all movements that user did in the past. With cash management, the rental operator can manage expenses, incomes and bank deposits.

By MyRent Enterprise, you can keep track of your cash flow in the real time. You may extract daily reports for your accounting control.


Our Car Rental Management Software provides facility of prepaid car rental. We have set up a special reservation process for paying rates at the current time. Customers can use the Pay Now feature and companies can offer them a special base price if they use it.

Many rental companies want to use this feature and offer their customers special discounted price.

Credit Card

Another option of payment is by using the credit card. User can swipe their credit card on MyRent swipe reader and it will automatically capture the data on the credit card.

Customers can also upload the data of the credit card manually by using the software. In most of the cases, rental customers prefer to pay by using the credit card so this feature is obviously very helpful for the rental companies.

Virtual POS

We can integrate the swipe reader with your virtual POS. To proceed, you must equip yourself with the permission of Cartasì service Moto Server-to-server. Once it is obtained we will proceed with the development required.