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MyRent helps you to manage the mobility of your fleet. You can see if a vehicle is available for reservation and contracts or if you still have to wash it. You can quickly manage movements between locations, thanks to the easy and intuitive monthly calendar of MyRent solution.

The system provides options for planning maintenance, refueling, revision, and insurance.

car rental fleet management software

Directly from the calendar, you can create movements for internal unavailability of vehicle washes, transfer, maintenance.
You can also enter planned maintenance in future.
Keep under control kilometers, fuel and any damages of your vehicle.

Fleet Optimization

You can split the vehicle from the reservation and assign them according to the algorithm of fleet optimization that consider the kilometers done by each vehicle.


Upgrade Management

Creating the contact, you can change the group of vehicle that were assigned at the time.


Vehicle Substitution during the Contract

If your customer wants to change the the car during the rental agreement, you can change the assign vehicle during the contract and take the historic registration of it damages induced.