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MyGuardian is a GPS Tracking Solution designed to locate the vehicle at any moment.
MyGuardian can be integrated with MyRent system for Fleet Management. After integration of MyGuardian with
MyRent system you can keep a full control over all your vehicles and get the report of every activity of the
vehicle. You can increase the safety of the fleet by using GPS with the Car Rental Management System

Know your Vehicle’s location

By GPS Tracking integration with myRent, you can always locate your vehicle and block the engine whenever required. You can see the path
and exact position of any of your vehicle from anywhere and in this way your fleet is always in your control.

Fast Contract Closures

MyGuardian integration is also helpful in closing your contracts in a better way. During the contract closures,when you registerthe devolution of the vehicles.You can take kilometers directly from the MyGuardian GPS System.

Plan maintenance

You can update the kilometer of all your fleet every day. You can also easily plan the next maintenance, especially in case of long rentals.

Effective Usages

The Dogma Guardian GPS System allows you to extract reports of how long the vehicle has been Turned On or Off,mileage for a period, usages of fuel and many more. MyGuardian can be connected to other digital devices like CAN BUS/FMS, Garmin to the fuel sensor for the control of consumption of driver identification systems or other sensors on the vehicle.