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Overbooking Management & Future Car Arrivals

Overbooking is very frightening for car rental operator. Sometimes rental operators fail to honor a reservation and this is not good for business. MyRent Software

is designed to avoid overbooking and helps in managing resources and future car arrivals.

By using our car rental management systems, you can check the status of the vehicle,is it reserved or free. The information helps in booking management and avoiding overbooking.

Overbooking Management

Sometimes it happens that rental operators sell more rental days that the actual number of customers they can accommodate.
While overbooking is very harmful and can create a dilemma for customers and company both, a good overbooking strategy can be very helpful for businesses. MyRent software assists in this
by providing a good fleet management system.

With one click of MyRent management system, you can check if a vehicle is available or reserved. The easy and initiative monthly planning of MyRent solution helps in quickly manage movements between locations,reservations and contracts.

MyRent helps you manage even better the overbooking allowing you turn a critical moment in revenue opportunities and customer loyalty.

In fact, you may decide to assign to a customer, a vehicle of a different group when the one booked was no longer available.


Future Car Arrivals

You can check easily the cars which will arrive soon and and do future reservations accordingly. Check number of cars occupied in the day and their locations
and develop statics for future use.

Moreover,thanks to the Fleet Reports ,it can estimate future reservation requests, and in this MyRent has a bulk insertion screen vehicles-unmarked- for future arrivals of
cars. So you can ensure the better management of all future reservation requests.