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  • Car Rentals
  • Rentals of work vehicles, earthmoving or platforms
  • Fleet Management
  • Consumption and drivers control
  • Car Rentals
  • Rentals of work vehicles, earthmoving or platforms
  • Fleet Management
  • Auto carrier
  • Fridge and opening doors control, etc.
  • Consumption and drivers control
  • Tracking vehicles, containers or other movable property in secrecy
  • Safety
  • Transit and monitoring goods and shipments


Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz


Dual-band 900/1800 MHz


GPRS class 10 (till 85,6 kbps)

SMS (text/data)

Low energy consumption

Self-powered with internal batteries
(rechargeble available also)

GPS Device integrated

Also available with Galileo technology

Inertial sensor



Digital input reserved for vehicle igniton control


Digital inputs


Analog inputs

1 (range fino a 10V o 30V)4 (2 range: 10V o 30V, risoluzione 10bit) 

Digital Outputs


Wire protocol


Power Source

(+10... +30) V DC(+10... +30) V DC 

Status Led


USB Port

Firmware upload and configuration via web or USB

External GSM Antenna

External GSM Antenna

Input CAN/BUS FMS data acquisition unit (ind. vehicles)



GPS and I/O Takeover

Tracking in real time

Intelligent algorithm for data acquisition (time, distance, angle, lighting and event-based)


Send data via GPRS (TCP / IP or UDP / IP)

Intelligent algorithm for GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)


Operating in roaming (ability to enable and disable)

Detecting I / O events and sending with SMS or GPRS


Scheduled delivery of the coordinates

5 geofence zones (rectangular or circular)


"Deep sleep mode"(saves battery)

Update firmware via GPRS


Alerts in case of speed limit violation or overruns

Motion sensor


Small and easy to assemble

small, requires no installation

Remote identification by driver with iButton


Inertial sensor for potential accidents detection



Data acquisition unit with CAN/ BUS FMS protocol


Purchase format

With the device is provided for free the platform (server and software) for 36 months. SIM phone and installation are at the expense of the customer.

Rental format

With the device are provided for free: the platform (server and software) and the SIM phone.Installation is at the expense of the customer.