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I’m Mauro Chiarugi and I’m the founder of Dogma Systems. We have always been close to our car rental customers and help them in their activities by developing the MyRent ™ software, one of the most complete and innovative software available for rental companies.

Many customers have asked me how to get out of this period and manage the Coronavirus emergency. I have collected here the most important strategies that I have researched and analyzed the strategies that worked in other situations of deep crisis – such as 9/11, the 2008 crisis and the situation in Wuhan – and I have collected them here for you.

I hope could be useful to you.

Prepare a Plan

How could car rental companies respond to the current economic situation “infected” by coronavirus?

The reservations have fallen down to zero as well as the flights, the cancellations have increased and the tourists are not coming anymore. I studied what happened in the past, what were the winning strategies to get out of the previous crisis and how the city of Wuhan is reacting to this crisis that has completely unique implications compared to the previous ones. Here are the winning strategies.

The starting point is to have a plan! It is never too late to start preparing it.

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