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How to attract customers to car rental?

If you are worried about the future of your car rental business, you have nothing to be worry about except not chasing the market trends. Worldwide car rental market has seen a significant development over the years. According to “Globalnewswire“, by 2024 the market is estimated at $122.6 billion dollars.

Market is consolidated and has major players: Enterprise, Sixt SE, Localiza Rent a Car SA, Europcar Mobility Group S.A., Avis Budget Group, Addison Lee Ltd., Hertz Global Holdings Inc., Zoomcar India Pvt. Ltd. are some major players providing car rental and leasing services. However, there are always tips how to stand out and create unique customer experience that will lead to success.

Organization: The organization process of your car rental requires not only good employees but, above all, a system that will facilitate the management of rental operations. Above all You need good planning tools and time management. Good organization also means solving problems with overbooking, efficient fleet management so that there is no poor service and only a good reputation.
If you own a car rental business with more than 10 cars, the software is highly recommended for this level of organization, as it allows you to better plan and maintains. If you have more than 50 cars, it is impossible to survive without software.

Online Bookings:  There are always two choices, you either can go with offline booking management, or with online. You can accept bookings by call, or you can make online booking system. Of course in the first version, you end up loosing significant part of clients and time. Generation zeta and millennials which are becoming significant part of the travelers, are not going to call you to rent a car. A simple way for a company to stand out would be to offer a “worry-free” online booking system which will work for you 24/7. This will completely change your customer experience and rental number.

Tour operators: Think about the customer and imagine yourself in their place. If most of your customers are tourists, then the final destination should be integration with tour operators. Thus, being present on TO is  the simplest way to boost your revenues. This can be airline and travel agencies while visiting international companies and directly communicating with these potential businessmen is another useful marketing ploy. Your future client may not know the name of your company, but they know tour operators such as,,
To integrate with tour operators, you need to have software in which you will upload updated information about affordable vehicles and prices; all tour operators are asked to provide software for receiving information through XML in real-time.

Time: Let’s face it: Nobody likes to wait, especially when you have already paid, and you are waiting for the document to be issued. Waiting time and going to “seven places to just sign multiple times”, do not create the positive customer experience.
The Simplest solution is having the mobile application of your software that will help you simplify the verification and registration of documents and sign it from any place.

Market Analysis: Nowadays customers are more price-sensitive than before, information about each company is accessible and cheap. You must compete fairly, for this reason, when you become big, you must also think big. You should have different rates for each season, but don’t think that you can do it manually by updating bids every time you see how competitors are reducing the price. The good car rental software should provide you with flexibility in terms of rates. In addition, it  should be able to analyze the market and give you little forecast for demand.

Fleet Options: Experts advise that a company that focuses its products and services on three different demographic indicators is the best way to avoid confusion among consumers and ensure profitability. The car rental market may differ in certain respects in that it can offer a range of models covering the entire spectrum. This universal approach can pay dividends while the marketing department is working.

It would be a good idea to have high-performance vehicles, as well as minibuses and family cars so that anyone who drove into a car dealership could leave with the car he needed.

Therefore, consider expanding your fleet, building a good reputation, and simplifying day-to-day operations to make it easier for your employees to manage.

There is no secret recipe for success, but only the steps to follow in order to improve. Not every car rental should be the same, but that’s what happens today. If the product is identical, the only thing left is customer experience.
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