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MyRent is a leading car rental management software which is designed to simplify and manage the Car Rental Business. Car Rental companies can control their business and increase the revenue by using this software.

Web XML Integration is an important feature of MyRent software. For car rental companies, it is a great way to get more reservations. By using this feature of our software, you can take bookings from some of the most famous online car reservation portals.

How MyRent Web XML Integration Works

We all know that there are many web portals which are used worldwide for car bookings and reservations. By integrating the MyRent software with these portals you can take direct bookings from there. It is a great way to increase the sold rental days and the revenue.

Find more about Web XML Integration

Whenever a user searches for a car on the rental portal, the portal shows the data from the other car rental websites and providers. The portals use the software to show this data and we integrate MyRent software with these portals so that users can directly book the cars from your rental company.

Benefits of XML Integration

Integrating web XML is very beneficial for the car rental companies. Here are some of the main reasons why rental companies must integrate it

The Car rental industry is full of competition and challenges. You must need to be updated and use the latest technologies to keep you ahead of your competitors. MyRent software offers you the features, tools and modules which assist in better management of the car rental business. Apart from the Web XML Integration, Online Booking portal, Booking Aapp, Bookings from tour operators, Accounting management, Cash management are some other important features of MyRent software.

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