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We’ve rounded up the changes that are coming with new PSD2 to help your business to understand what are the changes that you will need to consider.


2020 has been one crazy year. And while you probably can’t wait for 2021 to roll around, we’ve prepared the video and this blog post what will be next changes regarding the PSD2 to help make next year a little more productive (and hopefully a little less stressful).

Check out the changes below. There’s sure to be a new process you need to adapt and that will help you transform your business into a lean, mean productivity machine (even with all those WFH distractions).

What will change?

There is a new regulation regarding processing credit card payments from 1st January 2021. If you are using Ingenico integration with MyRent, and do things like:

  1. Transaction for the deposit
  2. Charging tickets, fines, damages, rentals, etc..

Then you should be aware that, you will not be able to generate tokens after 1st of January. The reason behind the change is, with the new regulation of PSD2 the customer should authorize with their personal device and authorize personal code the tokenization of this credit card.

The previous transaction was called MOTO, A Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transaction is a card-not-present transaction where the shopper provides you with their order and payment details by regular mail (not email), fax, or telephone. Bypassing on these data to you, the cardholder gives you permission to process the transaction.

Nowadays, now companies instead of creating a token will be required that the customer will explicitly authorize the transaction for generating the token.

So what does it mean for MyRent users?

The new 2021 regulation means that when you will do the payment inside MyRent, the insertion process will be different. The operator will start the transaction but the customer will confirm the transaction from his device. So the customer will put his credit card details from his device and eventually also his personal code from his device and will authorize us to do deposit, charge etc.

How does it work inside MyRent?

While creating the rental agreement as before, first you have to go to:

  1. Go to Tab 4 “Payment”


2. Click on “VPOS” button to go to Ingenico Payment process.


3. Check any deposit  you have made, and start a new transaction

4.We have  2 methods to register transactions: E-commerce and Moto. If you choose Moto the credit card data can be regsitered but not saved for further operations.

5. Instead, if you choose E-commerce Method you are able to save credit card information.

5.1 For E-commerce transaction process first you need to insert Transaction amount.

5.2 Click on “initiate the deposit”

5.3 To complete transaction we will see 3 methods that you can select: 1st QR code, 2nd SMS, or 3rd email.

With a QR code a customer can scan the code and be able to open the payment page from his smartphone.

Last but Not least, we recommend:

If you will need the authorization from the customer, be sure to provide them for example tablet or mobile or wifi connection, so they can authorize payment in case their mobile or device is not functional at that moment.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you have any questions on how to organize your Ingenico accoount inside MyRent, a team of Support of Myrent is ready to help you out. Contact them here.

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