Hiring a car is a cost-effective solution which gives you freedom and ease of travelling as per your need. Most of the people these days prefer to hire a car than hire a driver so that they can easily roam as per their comfort. There are so many advantages to hire a car, it gives you more freedom, flexibility and you can explore more. These advantages are same for the young drivers too, but the terms can be different from them.

Every country has an age limit for drivers so if you are young enough and planning to rent a car in some country, you must know what is the minimum age requirement for that. Following is the table which contains the minimum required age to hire a car in different countries-


 Country  Minimum Age for Rent a Car
 America  21
 Australia  21
 Austria  19
 Brazil  21
 Bulgaria  21
 Barbados  21
 Belgium  21
 Cyprus  21
 Czech Republic  21
 Croatia  18
 Czech Republic  21
 Czech Republic  21
 Canada  21
 Canary Islands  21
 Czech Republic  21
 Denmark  21
 France  18
 Czech Republic  21
 Finland  19
 Greece  21
 Germany  18
 Italy  18
 India  21
 Iceland  20
 Israel  21
 Ireland  21
 Jamaica  21
 Malaysia  23
 Morocco  18
 Mexico  21
 Malta  21
 Norway  19
 Netherlands  21
 New Zealand  21
 Poland  21
 Portugal  19
 Spain  21
 Singapore  21
 South Africa  18
 Sweden  18
 South Korea  21
 Saudi Arabia  21
 Switzerland  19
 Thailand  18
 UK  21
 UAE  21
 Zimbabwe  21


You must check the minimum age of the country you are planning to hire a car in advance. You should also look for terms and conditions while renting a car. You must discuss all the details with your car rental company or the car supplier before hiring any car.

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