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MyRent speaks your language too! We’ve added 5 more languages so you can work with more flexibility and freedom.

new languages in myrent

What is Multilingual  MyRent? Did you know that MyRent is expanding all over the continents? So, the natural way to provide better value is to improve the user experience for people working in all languages.

While you are learning a better way to manage your car rental business, MyRent has learned new languages to provide you and your team a better experience. Plus, we have added a multi-currency option, that will help you with invoicing.

As your car rental will grow, MyRent is there to offer a better experience. We will add more languages and currencies so there will be no barrier in providing the best rental experience you can do.

MyRent Added New Languages: What Are They?

In addition to other functions, we have recently added to MyRent, there are 5 more languages also:







New MyRent has a renewed foundation, that allows us to insert other alphabets, like Russian apart from Latin, that was not available in the previous versions. But with our team’s effort, adding new languages to provide you better value is not easy!

Pro-tip: Did you know that we offer customer support is available in 4 languages? Our team will be happy to assist you in English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

Why Are Languages Important For my Car Rental Business?

Oftentimes, car rental business owners have multilingual teams to provide the best experience, but there is the risk of miscommunication. MyRent added new languages to overcome this gap. With new languages you will be able to:

Imagine reporting fines to authority in your own languages.

Sending Invoice to clients and suppliers in their own language.

Making Rentals in different languages.

Any barrier is shrinking nowadays with technology, MyRent is there for you to help to deliver the best customer service.

“We are always trying to fit our customer’s needs, every time we make customization such of languages we hope that our customers understand that we work for their need. We are happy our clients expanding outside their country of origin and along with their changing needs we are there to adapt”-Tamari Arveladze, Customer Support of MyRent.



You don’t see your preferred language? Contact us to and request an update:


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