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MyRent is a complete system for car rental management having some advance modules for vehicle reservation management and safety. MyGuardian integration is one of the most important modules of MyRent Software. It helps in keeping your vehicle safe and track every movement of each vehicle of the fleet in the real time.

MyGuardian – GPS Vehicle Tracking System

MyGuardian is a GPS Tracking system for vehicle monitoring and safety. It is the combination of a tracking device, monitoring software and mobile application which helps a fleet owner to track and locate the vehicle in the real time. The software can be integrated with MyRent to keep a full control over all the vehicles. After installing the GPS device in vehicles, you can get the report of every activity of the vehicle via monitoring software.

Features of MyGuardian

After integrating MyGuardian with MyRent Software, you can take advantages of-

  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Location and Path Tracking
  • Fuel and Mileage Monitoring
  • Geo Fencing & Auto Fencing
  • Actual Use and Work Hour Detection
  • Accident Detection
  • Alerts and SMS via Software
  • MyGuardian with MyRent Software

    Integration of MyGuardian is very helpful for car rental managers to keep all the vehicles safe. As a rental car owner, you can track the vehicle’s location and whenever you find something suspicious or wrong, you can block the engine of the car. It is the best way to keep full control over your rented cars. In case of long rentals, MyGuardian helps in updating the distance covered by the car, every day. You can easily schedule the maintenance by using this software.

    Another important use of the software is to close the contracts. MyGuardian assists in closing your rental contracts easily. You can track the kilometers traveled, fuel consumption and how long vehicle has been turned On or Off. All these information is very useful for rental contract management and closure.
    For more details about GPS Tracking Integration in Car Rental Software, or any other queries regarding our software, please contact us.

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