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Two car rental software companies announce interoperability partnership

Two car rental software companies, MyRent and WeYield, have celebrated a partnership to provide interoperability between their two solutions.

MyRent doesn’t just provide car rental software, and WeYield doesn’t just provide revenue management solutions. Instead, both have established themselves as evolutionary technology brands. In particular, an innovation that leads car rental companies to grow and increase their profitability. These shared values make them a perfect pairing in the world of car rental business.

To make the partnership work, MyRent developed an integration with WeYield that provides live data to the Yield management tool. In this way, car rental companies can monitor their revenues and reservation flows. As a result, it allows positioning your car rental against competitors in the best way.

“WeYield solution technology is allowing us to complement the software by delivering new analysis tools that have never been seen before,” said Mauro Chiarugi, Dogma Systems’ founder and CEO.

The collaboration allows the customers of both companies to grow and lead the market.

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