MyRent is the most complete and innovative system for Car Rental companies.

Explore the main features

With MyRent you can manage:

  • collections and payments
  • reservations, quotes, contracts
  • multiple locations
  • black list
  • fleet, damage, orders and expirations
  • invoice: you can decide whether to make it at check-in or at check-out

With MyRent you can costumize:

  • price lists & rates
  • vehicle groups
  • invoice form
  • contract form
  • promotions, seasonal prices, last minute rates
  • vehicle maintenance
  • optionals and ancillaries
  • dedicated access for each user

With the DASHBOARD you have a quick view on the progress of the activity, reports, graphs, check-out / check-in.

With the calendar you can quickly manage reservations, contracts, check the availability of a vehicle, if booked or rented, and with a simple click you can create a quote, a reservation or a contract.

Quickly organize your fleet across multiple locations, manage internal movements and or transfers between locations.

You can customize the fleet, create groups, assign different compensation penalties, keep note of all the information in the vehicle sheet.

Print contracts, check out, check in, reservations, invoices, receipts.

MyRent records the data of the pick up and the drop off of the vehicle, the kilometers, the fuel, and verifies the status by saving the existing damages and the new ones.

It manages the vehicle replacement, upgrades & downgrades accordingly to your rules. You can configure also free sale and stop sale for XML channels.


You can upload documents in multiple formats.

MyRent calculates the commissions of your sales agents or OTA by assigning a dedicated price list.

MyRent is multilingual and support multi-currency.

What's news in MyRent™ XI


Using MyRent App you can register the check-in with the customer from the park, you can check the damages with him, you can upload the photos of the vehicle, close the contract with the fuel level, kilometers.. And take the customer signature in front of the car.


Virtual Pos module allows you to manage pre-authorizations, lock and unlock  the security deposit from the credit card, charge the rental, fines and damages using the tokenized credit card.


You can integrate MyRent with brokers / tour operators / ota / the most important web portals like Expedia,, CarTrawler, etc.
MyRent can be integrated with other software (using API) such as accounting programs, web sites…


It allows you to make reservations directly from your website.

Thanks to the integration with MyRent, availability and prices will be updated in real time and the reservation will be saved automatically.

You can configure it for immediate payment or not (accordingly to your preferences) and the customer will receive the confirmation voucher by email.


Sign the contract with the digital signature device, encrypted biometric data will be recorded for the legality of the signature.

(you can do it also with the MyRent App directly from Android or iOS tablet)



it compares the rental prices applied by your competitors in real time. By selecting the period, vehicle group and locations, you can check your positioning and adapt your pricing strategy.



manage your company with the integrated accounting module that allows you to identify the profitability of each vehicle and extract reports and projections.