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Strategic planning for any business, is one of the most delicate and tricky tasks for a business. A car rental industry is also not insulated from it. Every good and successful car rental business knows the value of strategy making for the management and sales planning. It is advisable to spend a specific amount of time on the planning on how to run the business and what new approaches can be applied.

MyRent software is a car rental management software which is developed for helping in strategic planning and overall management of the rental business. Let’s find out how this software helps in strategy planning –

MyRent Software for Strategy Planing

Competitor’s Analysis

If you want to be on the top, it is important to know what and how your competitors are doing? MyRent provides an easy way to do that. The software has an additional module which gets the prices from other famous car rental companies, according to the season and vehicle groups. This information is very useful for the Car Rental company to set up the best price. By using this feature wisely, you can attract more and more customers.

Discounts and Seasoned Price

Discounts and different prices as per the season are an essential part of the car rental business. It involves not only calculation but a perfect idea about what rate is perfect for which season. The software can calculate discounted price and the amount a customer needs to pay. This feature makes it very easy for the rental manager to set the discounts. He/She just needs to enter the amount and the rest will be done by the MyRent Software.

You cannot stay with the same price for every season in the car rental industry. The software helps you to redefine the rental prices as per season.

Create Optionals

Extras or optionals are one of the best ways to earn some extra money in the easiest way. Right usages of optionals can be very useful for the industry. By using MyRent software, you can create prices for extras like baby seat, insurance, damage etc and manage them in a better way.

Create Quotations

By using MyRent software, you can easily create the quotations for your customers. The software calculates the monthly rate to apply on the revenue we want to make.

Pricing and Reservation Sources

Create different reservation sources by using MyRent software. You can apply different rates to different reservations sources and it is one of the best features of the rental software. For pricing, it just requires a single click and you can insert prices for car classes. You can also set a specific rate for a specific duration with MyRent Car Rental Software.

These are some of the best features of MyRent software which helps in planning and management for the Car Rental business. Contact us for more details and be in touch with us for more stories.

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